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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saying "hi."

Hello there!

It's been a little crazy around here with a teething little girl nursing a double ear infection but I think we're over the hump! I HOPE we're over the hump. lol Amelia's ears aren't bothering her anymore so we're "only" contending with the mouthful of teeth she SURELY must be getting. I know for a fact that one of her upper front teeth is coming in but there seems to be a couple more trying to catch up. ;)

We managed to let her stay at Nana's again last night and ended up sleeping until nearly noon! Apparently we were a touch tired, to say the least. David then went to get in the pool with Amelia since he hasn't been able to do that yet this year. We're crossing our fingers and praying really hard that she doesn't get another ear infection. I know the two probably aren't a bit related but the double ear infection she just got over reared it's ugly head one day after going swimming with me a few weeks ago. If it happens this time, then we'll know!

Goodness...she's growing up so fast but still refuses to crawl! lol She'll slide around a little on her belly and go in circles playing with whatever toys are within reach but she just won't get her butt and shoulders off the floor at the same time. She will, however, pull up on furniture and promptly hold out her chubby little hand to be escorted through the house. It'd be a pain except she has the most dazzling, make-you-climb-mountains-smile I've ever seen and when she laughs...well, I just can't describe it. There's just something really special about this little girl that makes her absolutely glow. ♥♥

Is it always rainbows and gumdrops around here? ha! Not quite but the good outweighs the "bad" by leaps and bounds. Isn't that what's important? That the good days are so good that you forget about the not-so-good ones?

Believe it or not, I've not really taken a ton of pictures this month but you can take a peek at them here:

I've sat here, trying to remember all the cute things I told myself I would remember to tell you but my mind is blank. :( I don't want to forget a single minute but I seem to have misplaced my braincells. *sigh* I guess there's only one cure and that's to document everything each day, but that takes that elusive thing called "time." lol It's worth it, really is.

I have four people and situations weighing heavily on my heart, and thought maybe you could add them to your thoughts and prayers....

A friend of mine's daughter in law was just put on bedrest due to too much amniotic fluid. She is due in October and they have a young toddler, too. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she gets through the next 4 months.

Another friend is on the verge of having difficulties with her current pregnancy. There's no problem yet but it's looking like there may be. I'm praying for no complications!

I have a friend that I've known for as long as I can possibly remember. I lived with her and her parents, was always treated like family by her family, we've fought like sisters, and I've always been able to count on her no matter how much time has passed between talking or seeing each other. She was diagnosed with bone cancer last year right around the time I went in the hospital. She spent her Summer undergoing chemo and then found out last month that it has spread to her lungs. She starts chemo again next week. Please pray for her...

And finally, my father-in-law was recently in a motorcycle accident. He's doing well but please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he goes through another surgery and recovers from the whole ordeal.

I wholly believe in the power of prayer and have a perfectly healthy former 25-weeker to prove that miracles DO exist. I also believe there is power in numbers! :)

Thank you for being here. Good night! ♥♥♥