Living The Blessed Life...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Due to a lovely sinus infection and migraine induced nausea I hid under the covers in the cool, dark bedroom this evening leaving David and Amelia to entertain themselves. I woke up as they were coming to bed, just in time for my nightly snuggles. Amelia gave me the biggest hug, kissed my forehead and asked if I felt better. Even if I hadn't felt better, I wouldn't have had the heart to tell her.

We all three put our hands together and said our prayers. Then she asked:

A - "Mommy, is it time to say the things I'm thankful for?"
Me - "Yes ma'am. Let's go for 5 things tonight." (I say "ma'am" to her so that it's second nature for her to say it to others.)
A - "Ok! Will you count for me while I say them, please?"
Me - "Of course!"
A - "I'm thankful for you and Daddy. I'm thankful that you have your dresser for me to put my milk on. I'm thankful for the whole world. I'm thankful for our house. I'm thankful for my toys." 

We're working on being thankful for non-tangible things and people instead of stuff, but it's cute to see how a kid's mind works. She always starts with being thankful for mommy and daddy, but the rest of what she says is completely random. Sometimes she is thankful for people in her life, naming them one by one, and other times she looks around the room and is thankful for things like the ceiling fan and TV. Each night, I'm thankful for her thankfulness. 

She tossed and turned for minute, lifted the covers, snuggled up to me and said, "Ahhh! That's better. That's why I couldn't get comfortable. You know I just can't go to sleep without snuggling with you, Mommy. Silly me! I just love you, Mommy." 

God knew what he was doing when he sent us such a loving, affectionate child. She heals me daily and teaches me how to love freely without fear of rejection. For that freedom, I am thankful. 

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