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Friday, August 13, 2010

I hate coming up with titles...


So, I'm having issues. Ha! Go figure! David is on his way to drop Amelia off at Nana's for the day AND the night AND part of tomorrow. I know I should look at this time as time to get things done that I can't do when she's here, and I do...BUT, and there's always a "but...." I have this irrational fear each time she leaves that something will happen to her while she's gone and I'll never see her again. The feelings aren't nearly as bad if I'm the one dropping her off or if she's only for the day and this isn't the neurotic thoughts of a first-time parent. I've had these feelings about four other people in my life; my mom, my papaw, my granny and David. Do you see a pattern?

Considering only one of those four are gone, I'd say the odds are in my favor that she WILL come home tomorrow and that God will continue to "protect Amelia, growing her healthy, strong, perfect and whole, inside and out." Yes, I still say that prayer over her each night as I put her to bed. If David is the one that's taking her to her crib, then I have to say it before he takes her. Hmmm...OCD much? nooooooooooooooooo, not me!

Ok, now that you know for a fact that I'm completely loony, let's change subjects.

Amelia crawls funny. She crawls with one knee on the floor while pushing herself off with the other foot. hehe! Hey, at least she's crawling..or whatever she's doing! lol She's pulling up on things with virtually no effort and and will "forget" to hold on while playing. She has taken a couple steps here and there but she didn't mean to. ;)

One day last week, Amelia crawled over to where I was sitting and started climbing up my leg. I knew she wanted to take a nap and that there's no way she was going to take one without her blanky.

Before she made it to my lap, I asked, "Where's your blanky?" not expecting her to know what on earth I was talking about. She stopped climbing, dropped back down to the floor and crawled over to where she'd left her blanket. She picked up the corner and said, "anky!" then crawled back to me, handing the blanket up for safe keeping, then reaching to be picked up herself. Of course, I got a little misty-eyed 'cause I'm a dork like that...

Now, each time she wants to be picked up, she'll lift her blanket up to you, say 'anky!" and then reach for you. Could she possibly become any cuter?!

Oh! You've GOT to see this if you haven't already! Amelia Laughing

She's growing up on us and seems to favor little bursts of temper tantrums, complete with high pitched squeals and kicking of the feet. We're not impressed.

I've not taken nearly as many pictures lately as I was before, but here's what we have:

July Pictures

August Pictures

I'll be glad when it cools off some so we can get back outside on a more regular basis! The mosquitoes are terrible this year and they LOVE Amelia. We were outside for 10-15 minutes the other evening and we each ended up with over 15 bites in that short amount of time. David, of course, wasn't bit one single time. I guess we're just sweeter than he is. :-D

We had our first "blood accident" a couple weeks ago. Amelia tried to cruise from the couch to her Harley and miscalculated, resulting in a nice, solid face-plant to the wooden rocker on her Harley. Her gum bled some but she was fine after a minute or two.

Speaking of gums, we have a million teeth! There are four up top in the front and three on the bottom, not to mention the molars are coming in, too, and the little white dots over the remainder of her gums. Let's just say some days are better than others... ;-)

Well, Amelia has been safely delivered so I think I'll go take a nap then hopefully prime and paint today.

Bunches of love!