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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday!

Four years  ago I had just been rushed to Labor & Delivery from my bed in Antepartum with David following behind. Our “25-weeker” immediately made her grand arrival and was greeted by an army of nurses, doctors, and respiratory therapists. It all happened so fast, I had to ask David if I had just had a baby.

He later told me they briefly held Amelia up for him to see before whisking her away but it would be several hours later before I saw our 1 pound, 11 ounce miracle girl. Her nurse was very technical and seemed to assume I would retain the terminology he was throwing at me. Apparently he hadn’t been informed of the Vicodin and Morphine I had just been given because he handed me a thermometer and encouraged me to check the temperature of this tiny little being.

I was terrified and anxious all at once. I NEEDED to feel her but her little body appeared so frail. The width of her leg was smaller than my finger, her fingers the size of toothpicks, and her head felt like a baseball in my palm.

She would surprise us all in the months and years to come. The nurses described her as "feisty," and most days, that description still fits. She is the sweetest, most compassionate child I've ever known, with a determined spirit I admire and respect even during those days I want to pull my hair out BECAUSE of that determined spirit!

Amelia Gracelyn Rumfelt, you are a dream come true for many. You were prayed for long before God sent you to our family. Mommy and Daddy love and cherish you more than you will ever know and look forward to experiencing your life's journey as your biggest supporters. We are so very grateful to have been chosen to be your parents.

Happy Birthday to Daddy's Angel, Mommy's Baby & Sunshine, Granny's Munchkin, Nana's & Pawpaw's Girl, Uncle Heath's BabyGirl, Aunt Wendy's playmate, Pawpaw's Sweetheart and the world's Wonder Preemie.

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